Increase activity on your Instagram account in a matter of days with real comments!
Instagram engagement chats
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Only real people. No bots. Perfect for promoting any Instagram niche
You join our engagement chat
Send a link to your post
Get an exact amount of likes and comments
Your engagement grows
Your posts end up in the top!
How does activity chat work?
1. You had made a post on your Instagram account;

2. Sent a link in the chat on WhatsApp;

3. All WhatsApp chat users like and comment on you.

Chat is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm CEST

Comments begin coming immediately. But they will keep coming for 24 hours. According to the new algorithm, the longer people comment on you, the higher the probability of reaching the top. Due to this, your post will be considered more interesting.

Participants write comments only on the topic of your post. Example: "How to make an appointment?" or "What is the price" (various variations). The most plausible comments.

Also, you can write the guideline for comment you want to see.

All chat participants are real people. Everyone is interested in doing quality work. We also note that there are strict rules regarding the quality of the comments themselves.

- It is forbidden to use just emoticons,
- To write comments of less than three words,
- Meaningless comments, with no connection to the post subject

Our moderators manually check the quality of execution.
How will this increase conversion?
The following situation is common without chats: you set up ads, brought people to your profile, they saw content there without likes and comments, and left. You paid money for traffic that went away and didn't pay off. Thanks to our chats, there are comments under each of your posts that create a 'queue effect' - people often buy already popular goods and services.
Mass effect
Comments and activity from the chat create a mass effect. Buyers more often choose popular stores and popular artists. Advertisers choose bloggers and channels with a high level of engagement and an active audience.
Account Access
We do not need access to your account, since you personally send the link in the chat.
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Our options
Choose the best option for you
Mutual commenting. You comment on other members of your group as well as they do on you every day, no matter whether you made a post today or not;
you can leave comments any time of day
starts at 44$ per month
You made a post on your Instagram
Sent the link in the WhatsApp chat
All chat members left you likes and comments
You don't leave comments, just receive them
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For two years we work with engagement activity chats. It's enough to do our job efficiently
More than a hundred new members join our chats every single day!
here are more than 2000 of our members. All these people are happy to use our service and be mutually helpful.
We have more than 300 VIP-clients in our chats. They are people who understood the benefits of our service and made a decision to use it on a paid basis.
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